ABC of successMost of these items are pretty well common sense if you wish to succeed in business.  75% of small business fails in the first 2 years – frightening isn’t it.  Well, don’t let your business fall into that category.  Follow the ABC of good business.   Here goes.




A             ABILITY – you have to be good at what you do.

B             BUSINESS CARDS – Vitally important when you are starting out.

C             COURTEOUS – Always be courteous to your customers, in fact to everyone (you never know who you may be talking to.

D             DETERMINED.  Be forever sure you get it right.

E              EMAIL – This is vital, especially for handling accounts etc.

F              FINANCES – Keep your finances up to date and maybe get help from a good Financial Advisor

G             GOOGLE – Get yourself registered on a Google Three pack

H             HOSTING – Always have a good hosting company if you have a website.

I               INSURANCE – Never be underinsured, you never know what may happen.

J              JUST – always be fair and just.

K             KNOWLEDGEABLE – If you know your business it will be easier for you.

L              LOYAL – Show your customers loyalty and they will show theirs by returning

M            MARKET – Find new business from all avenues.  Might be a good idea to get help here.

N             NEAT – Always be neat with your work, and your appearance.

O             OPPORTUNITY – Learn to see an opportunity and act on it.

P             PRODUCT – Know your product and never be afraid to learn new things.

Q             QUESTIONS – Ask your customers questions, let them ask you questions.

R             REGISTER – Ensure your business name is registered.

S              SOCIAL MEDIA – Let your friends know about your business and they will talk to their friends

T              TELEPHONE – Very important to have a reliable service and your phone is answered quickly when a customer rings.

U             UNDERSTAND – Show thought and understanding both for your customers and yourself.

V             VISION – Never let your vision for your business wane.

W            WEBSITE – Most people nowadays turn to the infamous “Google” to find anything they need.  A website is even more important than a business card.

X             XPLAIN – OK, so that’s not a real word, but what else do you use that is important to your business.  Always explain your services to your customers and the costs involved.

Y              YOU – Don’t forget yourself.  Be fair to yourself.

Z              ZEALOUS – Be passionate and devoted to your business


These are just some ways you can ensure your business is successful.

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