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The easiest way to make money online is by selling a product that can be delivered electronically.  There are no shipping or fulfilment costs eating away at your revenue.  Electronic products are easy to produce and it is not necessary to get anything published.  Another great reason for selling products electronically is that delivery is instant and free.  Selling products online is completely automated or hands-free.  So what type of products can you sell electronically?

Selling software online is excellent because new software is always wanted and in some cases necessary.  Programmers at local colleges come cheap if you have the funds.  If you do not have extra funds, cut them a profit deal for the first two years.  This will require good salesmanship of your programme idea, or knowing the student involved. You will still earn more than your expenses.

Writing an eBook is a good way to make money online and to some, it is may be easy.  If you have a flair for writing or presenting your ideas on pages, then this is the one for you. People are constantly looking for new and easy to understand information.

You can purchase ebooks on the internet with relative ease, or hire a writer to do the research and actually write the book.  The ebook should be packed with interesting information and you will need some form of marketing to successfully achieve sales.

Starting a newsletter on a highly popular topic will bring in a lot of people quickly.  You can have these people submit articles themselves too, which will add to your website content.  Ensure that you have a filtering plugin to ensure unwanted posts don’t slip through. You just need to make sure the information they send is reputable.  Later, you can offer paid subscriptions, advertising, and product promotions on your website which will drive traffic and cash.  This requires dedication and a bit of time to get your readers to trust you and the information you offer before you start offering them paid products.

Members-only websites offer the customer a service – monthly, weekly or daily and you can charge them a fee to be a member.  As long as you are serving your customers with intensity, you will keep them happy for a very long time.  This is very labour intensive but the results are well worth it.  There are many tutorials on how to create a members-only website, make sure you find a reputable one.

So, as you can see, you could offer a service on your websites such as dog walking or wedding planning, but that would mean that you would need a lot of resources, employees, expenses, etc.  Selling an electronic product online is easier for someone just starting out as an entrepreneur.

Once again, ensure you find the right tuition to achieve this end.  There is a lot of free information on the internet, but this doesn’t necessarily teach you exactly how to attain the expertise to make the above a reality.  It’s the old story of “buyer beware”, so do your research.

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