In a previous post entitled “Once Upon a Time In The World Of Internet Marketing” I outlined a fair chunk of my history, successes and failures and some of the reasons that I joined Partnership To Success.

One of the areas I pointed at was the recent disaster trying to become a seller on Amazon and how it had left me remarkably short of cash.

This led me to try to find quick ways, with no list to market to, to raise some funds to help keep myself afloat while continuing the P2S training. As we all know, it can be hard to maintain the training process and keep food on the table, especially if you are a newbie or, like me, coming off a bad decision.

In my case, I looked back into my work history and remembered that I had spent many years in Radio as an announcer and interview, had an acting career of sorts (never a danger to Hugh Jackman) and had also spent time as a TV host for a morning show (unfortunately when it came to TV I have a great face for Radio). So I decided that I would offer my Voice to see if I could get a bit of an income stream to help support me through the product development process rather than take on other website building work which can be VERY time-consuming.

One major issue is that I have no ‘body of work’ to fall back on because all of the work I did in the past for TV commercials and Radio Shows has disappeared into the storage vaults of the media outlets and been lost in time. Even the old TV commercials I did are only available on VHS (for those that are old enough to remember what that is).

The result is that I have prepared a sales video which you can see below which links to a sales page I have prepared. The pricing of the voice over packages has been cut down in the hope that I can offer my fellow P2S students, some of whom will be struggling just like I am, a way to get their products complete with a professional voice that will not cost the earth.

The image on this post is a TV commercial I did that transferred into the Newspaper a long time ago but I thought it appropriate to the tale.

If you feel my voice is up to the level you need for your product sales or training videos then please think of me kindly when you come to that part of your product development.

If the packages on offer do not suit what you need simply contact me using the contact form on the sales page and we can discuss what you need in detail and work out a price we are both happy with.


Get Your Voice Over Package Information Here!

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