Firstly, for those that do not know, GMB stands for  Google My my business

Every business should have one.  It shows on the top right of the Google page and serves as one of the best advertising mediums there is. You can place pictures, address details, a short dissertation of your business – in fact just about anything you like.

Google like to have business listings pertinent to your local area, it would be pointless to suggest to you a company located in Melbourne if you are looking for a business in Hobart.  Google is ever vigilant in providing listings that are located near the searcher.  This system is called hyper-local search results.  Google provides a Map Pack which shows the searcher where your business is located.

It is imperative that you fill in all the questions put to you by GMB to expect your listing to show.

  • Things you will be asked are :
    • address
    • Business hours
    • Special hours
    • Telephone Number
    • Website address
    • Services
    • Attributes
    • Services offered

You can upload photos and videos of your business also.  Reviews of your business are looked upon favourably by Google also.

You can keep track of the number of searches produced by Google through your GMB, including number of clicks, number of people clicking through to your website etc – very helpful information that will provide all kinds of wonderful statistics and information about your listing, allowing you to change the information as required.

We recommend you contact your local marketing service for advice on how best to take advantage of your GMB listing.  The beauty of this service is that it costs nothing, the only cost being your time or the services of a GMB specialist.


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