You don’t have to be a caterpillar crawling into a cocoon in order to experience transformation. Here are a few places of incredible natural and ancient, man-made beauty around the world. These places are so breathtaking; you can’t help but experience a sense of spiritual renewal.


#1: Glacier Bay, Alaska. Nothing puts the universe into perspective like looking at massive, slowly creeping rivers of ice that are often deeper than the skyline of entire cities. The overwhelming silence of the place, the calm waters, and the pristine, virgin beauty of the land will awaken something within you.

#2: The Grand Canyon, Arizona. This one may seem like the stereotypical amazing nature-place, but once you see it yourself, you’ll know it’s no mere cliché. The canyon is breathtaking in its size and beauty, and if you can catch it at the right time, the colours of sunrise or sunset are like an impressionist painting come to life.

#3: The Great Wall of China, China. This is one of the only man-made structures you can see from outer space, and as you walk along the ancient stones, you will breathe in a sense of awe at just how long humanity has existed on the planet…not to mention the raw potential of mankind to build great things and accomplish amazing feats, no matter what the terrain is like.

#4: The Western Wall,  Jerusalem. The Western Wall is the last surviving fragment of the massive Temple complex that once stood on this sacred mountain, revered by all three of the monotheistic religions of the world. Few people walk away without feeling something profound implied by the ancient stones, which were said to be hauled by the workmen of King Solomon to the site of the Temple Mount.

#5: Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK. We’re not exactly sure where these huge stones came from. Perhaps they were moved by the magic of Merlin or dropped onto planet earth by aliens. But wherever they came from, these ancient stones are oozing a sense of depth, history, and magic that will inspire you to ponder the big questions in life: where did we come from? Where are we going?

#6: Ayers Rock, Australia. Imagine making your way through the hot, mostly-flat, desert-like outback and suddenly coming across an enormous rock. Like a silent sentinel standing guard over planet earth, this ancient geological formation has been around for almost 600 million years. Visitors to the UNESCO heritage site have marvelled at the shifting rainbow of colours along its surface. Indigenous aborigines claimed Ayers rock as sacred ground and have re-named it Ularu.



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